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Some Alarming Things About Mesa Mold Damage in Your Home

10/7/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Some Alarming Things About Mesa Mold Damage in Your Home Whatever the color, finding mold in your home can be quite alarming. Contact SERVPRO to investigate and remediate the infestation.

Why Mold in Your Mesa Home Is Cause for Concern

Finding your Mesa residence on the wrong side of an emergency or disaster can leave you questioning how to set things right again. More to the point, some widespread concerns take some time to surface or get discovered, letting them get out of control before you recognize there is a problem at all. Mold growth is one of these circumstances that can develop quietly and spread quickly without the homeowner even recognizing there is an issue.

One of the most alarming things about mold damage in your Mesa home is how little many homeowners know about it. Many of these same homeowners could be led to believe that mold growth in their home is not a dire concern at all, but rather something that many property owners deal with from time to time. What makes this line of thinking so dangerous is the effect that mold does have on both the house and the people who live in it. Once you understand these effects, you can understand your need for professional remediation like our SERVPRO technicians provide.

The first thing that you need to understand about mold growth in your home is the detrimental effects that it has on the structure itself. The organism begins to grow and colonize in the presence of persistent dampness and moisture, which these elements alone can weaken structural components to a threatening stage. When you combine the mold growth, the organism feeds on organic matter and degrades the materials to the point of requiring replacement or failing completely. This failure can require substantial rebuilding or remodeling to replace irreparably damaged materials.

There are also the potential health effects from the colonization that you have to worry about as well. From the moment that you discover the mold colony, you and those within the house could have already been affected. Isolating the affected area and preventing it from spreading can keep the occupants of the house safer, but also gives our SERVPRO technicians a smaller area to restore.

Mold damage in your home can be unnerving to discover but does not have to be the damaging force that it can be. Our SERVPRO of Grand Junction applied microbial remediation technicians can respond quickly to help eliminate this presence from your house and return it to the way it used to be. Give us a call today at (970) 241-8181.
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Choosing Professional Restoration For Fire Damage In Your Loma Residence

9/18/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Choosing Professional Restoration For Fire Damage In Your Loma Residence Fire damages are often among the most challenging for Loma homeowners to overcome on their own with conventional cleaning efforts.

Choosing Professional Restoration For Fire Damage

While there are many maintenance and cleanup efforts for your Loma residence that a homeowner can perform on their own, some incidents require specialized training and approaches that routine cleaning and restoration methods lack. Professional restoration services can assist you to overcome the widespread effects of a disaster in your home in an efficient and effective way.

Fire damages are often among the most challenging for Loma homeowners to overcome on their own with conventional cleaning efforts. Our SERVPRO professionals work to be available from the moment that the first responders ensure the fire has gotten extinguished through every step to your fully restored home gets returned to you. The complete process can help you to get the job done more quickly, but also save you money.

Many owners struggle with where to begin when they have to overcome even minor fire damages in their home. From smoke and soot damages to secondary effects, your house requires attention and focus to clean and restore. Our SERVPRO technicians not only have leading equipment in our respective fields, but our technicians have extensive training in all facets of fire restoration. We know what to look for, and ultimately, how to restore it.

Another thing that you can consider when it comes to choosing professional restoration for fire damages in your home is the wishes of the insurance company that offers you coverage. In many cases, these providers require or strongly suggest the use of professional restoration to ensure that the job gets done correctly and within specific financial parameters agreed upon in the initial assessment phase.

Fire damages in your home can appear in several different ways. Overcoming each of them requires experience in this field, and our SERVPRO of Grand Junction fire restoration technicians can offer you just that. You can depend on our rapid response team to show up and begin mitigating the damage your home has sustained to make the entire restoration process more efficient and faster. Give SERVPRO a call anytime that you need us at (970) 241-8181.

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Water Damage Technicians In Fruita Explain Different Types Of Equipment Used

9/13/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Technicians In Fruita Explain Different Types Of Equipment Used As your house in Fruita gets older, appliances are likely to break, and pipes can develop leaks over time.

Water Damage Equipment

As your house in Fruita gets older, appliances are likely to break, and pipes can develop leaks over time. When a water pipe or appliance malfunctions, water damage can occur to your home. The longer the water pours into a building, the worse problems can get. If building materials or structural components get saturated, they can lose their strength and fall apart. If items inside your house stay wet for too long, the water damage project can quickly turn into a situation where mold remediation is required.

Whenever our SERVPRO technicians get called to an emergency situation, we take steps to prevent microbial growth. We know that removing moisture from your building materials and contents within 48 hours after water damage occurs in Fruita is essential to prevent secondary issues from taking place such as mold. To accomplish complete moisture removal in such a short period, we utilize several different techniques and types of specialized equipment depending on each situation.

In the beginning, our SERVPRO technicians use moisture sensors and other measuring instruments. To test whether the carpet is wet or not we use a moisture sensor that consists of a metal rod with a handle on it with two probes on the bottom. When the probes sense moisture, a light lights up, and a sound is made. We also use other types of meters to test moisture content inside your wooden studs and drywall. These meters give us results in the form of a percentage or grains per square inch numbers.

Once we determine what materials were affected, we start extracting water using industrial extractors. Some of these extractors are portable that we can use to get into tight spots, others are large and mounted to a vehicle. We attach different types of tools to the extractor based on what kind of materials were affected. Small extraction tools are used to pull out moisture from furniture. If thick carpets get saturated, we can use a heavy duty extractor that uses the weight of its operator to compress the fabric.

If an appliance ever breaks at your place of residence, call SERVPRO of Grand Junction at (970) 241-8181 any time of the day.

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Professional Water Damage Restoration for Your Fruita Grocery Store

9/2/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Professional Water Damage Restoration for Your Fruita Grocery Store SERVPRO Works Hard to Keep Your Fruita Retail Store Open Following a Water Loss

Many Fruita Stores Rely on SERVPRO to Mitigate Water Damage and Limit Disruptions to Their Customers

A grocery location is something that the people of Fruita need every day. From last-minute purchases to meal prepping for weeks in advance, the local grocery store is an everyday staple to the community. When you get threatened by a water incident, it can be challenging to provide the kind of service that your loyal customers expect. Choosing professional restoration to help you to clean up the mess and dry up the damage can help you to get back to serving the community much more quickly.

There are many sources for water damage in your Fruita business, but often power failures and malfunctions of the freezing and cooling units have a lot to do with the need for fast water removal and cleanup efforts. When this occurs, you need to act quickly to secure the rapid response of our SERVPRO technicians. We can report quickly to get the situation under control, as well as assess the full scope of the water damage that the structural elements of the store have sustained.

From the moment that our technicians arrive at your store, we begin a full and thorough assessment of the damage starting at the source of the problem. Extraction and drying efforts are the major contributors to the restoration process in this situation, but our team has to ensure that elements like flooring materials, subflooring, and even the electrical systems that operate the cooling units have not also gotten damaged by the expanding water.

Another one of your concerns that should inspire you to choose the efficient approach of our SERVPRO restoration professionals is the products that you sell. Our team can help you to mitigate your overall loss by removing at-risk items that could get damaged by the water present in the area, or even items that need to get relocated to a refrigerated unit to keep your profit loss from the incident to a minimum.

A main point that you should remember when it comes to combating water damage in your business is that experience and the right equipment can get the job done more efficiently than you can do it on your own. Our SERVPRO of Grand Junction rapid response team is standing by 24/7 at (970) 241-8181.

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Flood Damage Amidst the Beauty of Grand Junction

8/26/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Amidst the Beauty of Grand Junction After suffering flooding to your home, call SERVPRO to dry out your property and remediate any damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Use Pumps and Extractors to Dry Your Property After Flooding

On Colorado’s Western Slope, Grand Junction is at the epicenter of Colorado's wine region. Although the area is generally arid, sudden storms can send torrents of water pouring down the mountains and into the city. The Colorado River swells as it transects the metropolitan area, and residents risk flood damage to their property. Our technicians are ready to assist, trained and armed with the latest equipment.

When weather systems overload the ground surrounding your home with water, the resulting flood damage in Grand Junction requires professional attention. Anywhere from several inches of moisture to a foot or more of water can build inside the foundation of your home, exposing the very base of your abode to the risk of severe deterioration and the contents of your home to potential ruin. No matter how valiantly homeowner might try to manage the excess of water without help, the circumstances require commercial grade pumps and high-efficiency water extractors.

SERVPRO has submersible pumps and wanded water extractors stocked on each of our service vehicles. When we arrive at your flooded premises, the crew chief assesses the extent of the water crisis and gets the crew working straight away. If the weather has interrupted electrical service, our technicians need not delay as our equipment is truck mounted and powered.

Pumps take on the job, and then the extractors are used to access any water trapped in cavities and recesses in the lower levels of your home. SERVPRO technicians are expert at measuring moisture in structural components with precision instruments and scanning for caches of water with infrared technology. The baseline measurements provide the data needed to determine drying goals.

If you use the flooded space as a storage area, SERVPRO often suggests a pack out of the boxes, containers, and loose items. This allows us to evaluate the possession for damage and to plan and implement restoration strategies. We can move the articles to a dry and secure area in your home or an outbuilding if available. When there is no room for a pack out on your property, our production facility and warehouse serves the same purpose.

The pack out also gives SERVPRO technicians room to best position air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to dry out the structure of your lower levels. We treat the affected areas with EPA registered disinfectants to sanitize and inhibit the growth of mold or other microorganisms.

SERVPRO of Grand Junction has the workers and the equipment to manage a flood damage scenario in your home. When the rains fall and your home experiences a water loss call us at (970) 241-8181 as soon as possible for the most successful results.

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SERVPRO’s Clifton Mold Remediation Procedures

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation SERVPRO’s Clifton Mold Remediation Procedures Mold spores are continuously present in the interior of any home, settled on surfaces or airborne.

Mold Remediation Procedures

Mold can become a problem just about anywhere, and homes in Clifton are no exception. Mold spores are continuously present in the interior of any home, settled on surfaces or airborne. They are too tiny to see without magnification assistance and cause few if any problems in their spore state. If they absorb moisture, mold colony growth and damage begin. When you reach this point, our remediation services can help.

Homeowners in Clinton hear a lot about mold damage in the media. Some so-called mold removal companies use scare tactics, linking mold growth to health problems and promising to eliminate mold in a home. We take mold damage very seriously but encourage anyone who is worried about mold damage and their health to discuss things with their doctor or other healthcare professional. Some individuals who are allergic or sensitive to mold spores or by-products report an increase in irritation when mold is a problem. Our mold remediation technicians make no promises about eliminating health effects, but we do know effective strategies to remove current colonies and reduce the possibility of recurrence.

Our mold remediation experts use the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols when abating mold damage. We locate and contain the mold, employing physical barriers like heavy plastic sheeting to prevent mold debris from drifting into unaffected areas. Often we take one more step and use negative pressure air scrubbers, a combination of exhaust ducting and suction that creates a vacuum-like effect that keeps moldy materials inside the containment area, clearing air with HEPA filters before sending it outside.

Our technicians then remove the mold by mechanical means, scraping and wiping the colonies off surfaces to which they attached. A useful abrasive technique called soda blasting can even remove mold from porous materials. SERVPRO remediators bag the moldy residues and dispose of them following local codes concerning hazardous waste.

EPA-registered antimicrobials then treat the affected and nearby surfaces to inhibit regrowth. SERVPRO handles mold remediation projects with integrity, doing our best to eliminate current damage and counseling the homeowner to be vigilant about solving the moisture problems that fuel mold growth and damage. We cannot rid a home of the spores, but bring the levels down to normal. Combining this result with moisture management limits the chance that mold can take hold again.

SERVPRO of Grand Junction offers trustworthy mold remediation services without the hype of terrifying our customers about health effects or promising impossible to obtain results Contact us at (970) 241-8181 to discuss your mold infestation and our efforts to solve it today.

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What to Expect from the Grand Junction SERVPRO Fire Damage Professionals

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What to Expect from the Grand Junction SERVPRO Fire Damage Professionals Who Should I Call After Fire Damages My Home in Grand Junction? SERVPRO

After a House Fire SERVPRO Strives to Make You Feel "Like it never even happened."

When fire blazes through your Grand Junction home the shock and turmoil you feel are overpowering. The situation becomes even more chaotic when you realize the cleanup is not a task you can complete without assistance. Finding the best fit from among competing restoration companies is confusing and frustrating. Your call to us results in a fair assessment to secure the outcome for your home that you expect and your peace of mind.

Fire damage in your Grand Junction home might seem restricted to the area where the flames were most intense. Our highly-qualified crews respond to each fire scenario with an open mind, realizing that the residues from a household fire can spread throughout every space of the building. Problems that crop up days, weeks, or months after restoration is considered finished by less skilled companies are usually predictable and avoidable by our experienced crew chiefs.
SERVPRO works with your insurance company every step of the way, ensuring that our work is thorough and covers all aspects of the circumstances caused by the way fire affected your home. The first and most crucial task is a comprehensive inspection of your home, followed by the creation of a detailed work plan that covers everything we need to do to make it “Like it never even happened.”
Typically the next focus is water and chemical extinguisher removal as the firefighters employ both to put out the fire. SERVPRO eliminates water first because of safety considerations. Slip and fall and electrical shorts and shock are common and dangerous risks. Water damage is also the equal of that done by fire and can destroy building materials and lead to secondary damage like microbial growth.
The SERVPRO crew then matches the characteristics of the smoke and soot residues found at your site to the most efficient and appropriate cleaning products and tools. Damage found in different spaces and to a variety of surfaces and materials can be different as we move through each area. Some soot vacuums or brushes away. Other soot is thick and sticky, requiring wetting agents and surfactants to loosen the coating before wiping. Tough and adhesive residues, such as those found after a kitchen fire, can need abrasive action and solvents to remove.
You can rely on SERVPRO of Grand Junction with confidence when you need assistance recovering from a home fire. Call us at (970) 241-8181 day or night, immediately after the fire authorities release your home back to you.

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When the Carpets of Your Grand Junction Home Suffer Water Damages

7/24/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage When the Carpets of Your Grand Junction Home Suffer Water Damages SERVPRO Technicians, Not Robots, Restore Your Water Damaged Property in Grand Junction

SERVPRO Provides Water Removal and Carpet Cleaning for Our Customers

Many Grand Junction homeowners take much time improving the look of the inside of their homes. With various decor options and additions, none add the kind of homey feel that carpeting does. Throughout many higher traffic areas, your home's carpet offers a plush feel under your feet. When water incidents occur in your home, these same carpeted areas absorb much of the damage and require specific processes to dry out.
You might know that the carpets in your home are magnets for dirt and debris, collecting it at the base of the fibers well out of your normal field of vision. Carpets have this same supposed magnetism for water damages in Grand Junction homes. Restoring the damage to this area of your home takes skilled professional restoration work, much like the services that our SERVPRO technicians provide.
Even with smaller scale water incidents, pulling the water from the base of your carpeting can be a challenging process. Often our SERVPRO professionals may opt to use weighted extractors to press into the fibers and padding beneath to force the water to the surface to get removed with vacuums and drying efforts. We strive to prevent delamination to the carpet nap and backing. The size of the machine requires space to use, which requires our technicians to move the contents of this affected area to a lower-traffic area of your home. We can also use smaller, portable wet vacs with wands for water extraction.
Along with drying efforts for your house in this situation, our experienced professionals often have to clean the carpets as well. This fact is especially true when the water damage carries dirt, debris or some contaminant along with it. There are many levels to this cleaning service, which can get determined on site by the competent technicians working on the restoration. We use specially formulated cleaning products from our broad arsenal of cleansers.
Drying the affected area and materials requires specialized equipment such as high-powered air movers and large dehumidifiers, both refrigerant LGR's and desiccant models to gradually eliminate the moisture in your home before it can cause secondary water damage like mold growth.
Unwanted water in your home does not have to be a lingering and threatening presence. You can trust that our SERVPRO of Grand Junction restoration specialists can remove the water from the affected areas and completely dry out the damage quickly. Our rapid response team is standing by 24/7 at (970) 241-8181.

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Home mold checks for upcoming sales

6/24/2018 (Permalink)

General Home mold checks for upcoming sales Let SERVPRO GRAND JUNCTION check for mold damage to your upcoming sale.
  • Loss of sale, Drop of price and a Law Suit are some negative impacts that could affect the home owner or Real-estate Agent /broker.
  • SERVPRO of Grand Junction is IICRC certified and trained in Fire, Water, Bio, and Mold Mitigation. (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification)
  • FREE of Charge, we will look at any home or business you represent.  We will give you our professional opinion on whether water or mold mitigation is necessary.  (Free=mesa County- regular business hours)
  • If mitigation is needed we will provide an estimate FREE of Charge.
  • If mitigation work is performed.  Your clients will receive a 5% discount with net 15.
  • SERVPRO of Grand Junction will provide a one year certificate of guarantee on any mitigation work we perform.

        SERVPRO of Grand Junction: (970) 241-               8181.  Fire & Water- Cleanup & Restoration

Commersial water loss in Grand Junction

6/24/2018 (Permalink)

Grand Junction -  Sprinkler systems may be your best friend or worst enemy when a fire arises. This is a local business that's located in a  commercial block of buildings in down town Grand Junction. A Restaurant in the next store block had a small fire in their kitchen. The smoke went threw the vents and triggered the sprinklers to case a flood in other local businesses. We had to act fast!  Thank you to our team at SERVPRO Grand Junction! This company will be back in business as soon as possible.  Our equipment allows us to rapidly extract water from many types of flooring without causing any damage.  Don't let a little accident cause your business a lot of money. CALL SERVPRO! 970-241-8181

Like it never even happened.