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11/2/2017 (Permalink)

2017 trick or treat street

SERVPRO of Grand Junction, Garfield & Pitkin counties always participates in trick or treat street in Fruita Colorado.  It’s a Small little safe town in the western slope.  Seeing all the kids and enjoying them having a great safe time on Halloween is a  joy to SERVPRO team.  We are honored to be a part of the community.

  • Safety for Pedestrians

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Halloween night can be a dangerous night for pedestrians. Consider following these tips from Safe Kids Worldwide before your kids head out for some candy:

    • Make sure your child takes along a working flashlight or an abundant number of glow sticks to help ensure they’re visible to others.
  • Don’t let your kids leave home without a fully charged cellphone so they can call for help in the event of an emergency. You may also want to remind your children to keep their heads up and put their phones and other devices down, especially when crossing the street.
  • Tell your kids to walk only on sidewalks and, if there is not a sidewalk available, to walk against the flow of traffic and as far away from the road as possible.
  • Be sure that any costume your child wears on Halloween night doesn’t impede their vision or pose a tripping hazard.
  • Don’t send your kids under the age of 12 out trick-or-treating by themselves. If they resist because they don’t want to be seen with mom or dad, wear a costume. It’s Halloween. You can get away with it.
  • Set a curfew for your older children, and decide on a predetermined route so you’ll know their approximate whereabouts


10/28/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Grand Junction rewards Jean Border with October 2016 Peoople you can count on

Jean Border is SERVPRO of Grand Junctions People you can count on for October 2016.  Jean Border of Grand Junction says “It is giving and you might be the only one who those people see in the day”. Dedicating hours through volunteering at Hospice, Border says her work became her passion, leading her to many great friendships.

"It was like a perfect match, and you don't always have that," she says. She had a lot of pictures and a lot of experiences with people, it has been just a great bond!

After the passing of a dear friend, Border is working to honor her wish by creating a family history scrapbooks for 13 relatives.  This is one of the things she was asked of when she was still conscious, to please get her book finished.   "I guess I just feel that it's a treasure and it is family history, a father. If you read the letters, you can tell that he loved his family and that he was very proud of them all."

Jeans daughter says not a moment goes by that she isn't working to help someone else. Her whole life has been just a message of servant-hood and giving to others.  She has opened her heart up to them and they have reciprocated. She has built a lot of good friendships and bonds with these people. Border believes that it has just been her duty in life, as it takes volunteers to make the world go around.

After the loss of two grandchildren, Jean Border understands pain and now it's her turn to help guide others through it.

"You become a part of their life, whether you really are a part or not," she says. " It just makes them smile or you can cheer them up."


That's why News channel 5, SERVPRO of Grand Junction, and Housing Resources has selected Jean Border for this month's People You Can Count On.




September 2016 # PYCCO

10/3/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Grand Junction with Stacy Antonucci, This months People You Can Count On!


When you go to grab the weights, you're not just working out your muscles, you're also working out your mind; giving yourself a feeling unlike any other.  For Stacy Antonucci she wanted everyone to know what that feeling is like.  "Your endorphins get let loose once you break a sweat," says Antonucci. "They come in not in the greatest of moods, not happy, and when they leave they are smiling."  Stacy's program 'Steppin' It Up' does exactly that, gives those with special needs the feeling of physical strength and mental strength.  "It's really amazing to watch them when they have been working for weeks on end to hit a certain goal, and then when they actually hit it, it's amazing," says Antonucci. "Every time a session ends I feel stronger watching them do what they do."  It started, just putting in those reps with just one client at the gym, but soon turned into 30 or 40 people. She wants everyone to know that no matter your physical or mental disability, you too can achieve any goal.  "We see somebody with, whether it's a physical or a mental disability, and we see them doing the things that we're doing and we take that for granted, that we can just do it without a thought," says Antonucci. "Just the pride that they have in themselves, the fact that they can do something that everybody else can do, it's huge for everybody."

Those in the program prove it every day. "A lot of improvement in my muscles," says Eric Blevens, a Steppin' It Up client. "Because when I joined Stacy's group, my muscles weren't quite that strong."

 "It doesn't matter what your fitness level is, she'll get you in shape and it's a great work out," says Chelsy Cronk, a Steppin' It Up client.

 Parents are also taking notice of how much this is helping their children.

 "Being healthy is a very important part of being a happy person," says Shaun Howe, a parent of one of Stacy's client. "Stacy makes it's so much fun that it's something

Hannah looks forward to, she does it twice a week and she never wants to miss. She just gets Hannah enthusiastic to go out and try things."

 So beyond, the clinks and the clangs of the machines, Stacy is always looking and listening for a smile or a laugh from those that she says, keep her going every day.

 "You have a bad day and you look at the people that are in this program and your bad day is nothing compare to their bad day," says Antonucci. "I just love it. I love them, and I have learned so much from them, they are amazing people. They're loving, kind, outgoing, and they want to do the things that everybody else does."

That's why SERVPRO of Grand Junction, News channel 5 and Housing Resources has selected Stacy Antonucci for this month’s People You Can Count On.


9/2/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Grand Junction is so happy to be apart of giving back to someone who gives to the community.

In this month's” People You Can count on” (PYCCO), SERVPRO and Housing Resources brings you the story of a woman who is using her love of animals to change the lives of so many people and dogs on the Western Slope. With nearly 50 dogs to care for, Debbie Faulkner has let her passion become her work. "I had no brothers and sisters and I grew up on a ranch and my buddies were dogs and animals of all kind," says Faulkner. This must be where Debbie got it because her entire life she has been bringing home stray dogs and cats. At Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary, Debbie and a small group of volunteers spend their days caring for the 4-legged friends that calls Debbie's 40acres the ranch home. Debbie is out with the dogs from 8 until 6 every day, then she is back at night and puts everybody to bed. There is a big difference with this shelter verses other shelters. We are a communal living environment she says. "Which means, the environment is more like a dog daycare." But their mission is to let the sanctuary be a temporary place, until they can find a permanent place to call home. "We have about 50 dogs at all times and we have a fairly high adoption rate, it's about 80%," describes Faulkner. "We're a licensed animal shelter in the state of Colorado." Threw Debbie’s shelter she also provides various programs to help both dogs and people. "Silver Whisker dogs”, which is a program where we match senior dogs with senior people. There is a lot of senior dogs with senior people and what would have been the alternative if something happened? Threw programs like Silver Whiskers it's not just the dogs that are finding their place in life. Debbie says to see the joy, happiness, and laughter is life changing! “Whether you're ill or whether it's just part of the process," says Silver Whiskers program member Bett Barron-Cyr. "I didn't know that I was lonely until I got a companion. Faulkner knows how important the companionship of a dog can be, so she makes sure so many are able to be a part of the program. The qualifications are if they are disabled no matter their age and if they are over 65, then they qualify for the Silver Whiskers program.   There are various levels, and they pay for everything. There is a volunteer advocate assigned to each dog, which takes food and whatever else they need. They check on them periodically. The sanctuary is funded and ran through donations and what Debbie is able to put into it herself. "We spent $48,000 last year to keep this place running and we brought in $48,500," says Faulkner. Debbie has amazing energy, and puts her heart in this mission. The help of all the volunteers are amazing too! Despite the cost, Debbie says, knowing she's changing the lives of both dogs and people, is the reason she continues to open her gates to those in need. Giving back joy is Debbie Faulkner’s whole mission in life.

This story is why SERVPRO of GRAND JUNCTION and Housing Resources, has chosen Debbie Falkner for this month’s "People You Can Count On."  THANK YOU NEWS CHANNEL 5.

If you would like to learn more or donate to The Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary, you can visit,


8/17/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Grand Junction was happy to be part of this wonderful miracle. July 2016


What would you do with a check for $20,000? For some people, that would be a mortgage on a house or a new car, but for the Crossley family, that money was a kidney transplant. At the age of four, now 12-year-old Cailee Crossley was diagnosed with FSGS Nephrotic Syndrome; a rare form of kidney disease would that has left her unresponsive to any treatments.

 "We decided back when she was diagnosed that this was something we would not allow it to define who she is as a person. Yes, it's a part of her physical being, but it doesn't define who she is; that she’s not sick, that it's just something that's happening in her body and it’s not her personality," says Cailee's mother, Christy. Since Cailee's diagnosis the Crossley's have tried a multitude of treatments, but her condition has continued to worsen over the years, leaving her now in renal failure.
Cailee used her time in the hospital as inspiration to start, Project Hospital Happiness. With help from her mother, Cailee has materialized the costumes of the three super hero's she created, to share with other children at the children’s hospital. Princess Joy, is represented in costume with crowns and tutus, serving as a reminder to keep joy in your life. Captain Strong, gives capes and masks to the boys to help them stay tough. The newest addition, Captain Sweet Lemonade, is a super hero for the girls, "when life gives you lemons you make lemonade," says Cailee.

What Cailee's super-sized heart is what made her this month’s People You Can Count On, but the $500 check presentation was only the beginning. After sharing Cailee's story, SERVPRO of Grand Junction Owner Lonnie Behunin was able to reach out to 49 other businesses across the Western Slope that was willing to match SERVPRO's donation to help raise the  $20,500 needed for her transplant.  The money is the exact amount the Crossley's needed to pay for the operation and six week’s recovery time for Cailee.

But the real surprise that day was found within Cailee's father, Blake, "we found out tonight that Blake's a match," said Christy.

SERVPRO of Grand Junction is looking for Silent Angel in town who selflessly gives of their own time or resources to give back to the community.  To nominate this special person you can go to