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We Act Fast In Grand Junction When There Is A Fire

1/27/2020 (Permalink)

We have the professional cleaning products necessary for all our jobs and applications. We respond 24/7 to prevent further damage, so don't hesitate.

Commercial Fire Damage Crews Describe How To Clean Ceilings With A Dry Sponge

If an inferno ever ignites inside your Grand Junction ice cream shop, the problems could become excessive. Since heat rises, the flames and smoke coming from the blaze head straight up and can cause commercial fire damage to exist on your building's upper walls and ceiling. Once smoke rises and comes into contact with cooler surfaces like your ceilings, it can solidify and coat the surfaces of your contents and building materials with soils.

When working with you during your commercial fire damage project in Grand Junction, our SERVPRO technicians know that keeping your business running is essential. We also know that keeping a sanitary and clean looking atmosphere is vital to operating your ice cream store. If necessary, we can change the way we conduct our fire damage restoration procedures so that your company can continue its day to day operations. For example, if it is possible we can do the work processes overnight when your ice cream shop is closed so that our restoration procedures do not cause you a loss of revenue or affect your bottom line.

When dealing with soot residues caused by smoke, our SERVPRO technicians start with the ceiling and then we work our way down. Using a dry cleaning sponge works best when attempting to remove light to medium, non-greasy soot residues. We usually utilize dry sponge cleaning methods when we are working with porous surfaces that can get damaged if water-based solutions get used. We also sometimes dry sponge clean walls and ceilings before we wet clean them to get the majority of the soils off first.

Before we start cleaning your ceiling inside your ice cream shop with a dry sponge, we cover all of the contents inside your place of business with a canvas or plastic. Next, we use a vacuum equipped with a high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA filter or a brush to get the loose surface soot off of the affected building materials and contents inside your ice cream store. Then, we use a dry sponge with a pole attached to clean the soils from your building's ceiling.

If your ice cream shop ever suffers from a fire, call SERVPRO of Grand Junction at (970) 241-8181 24/7. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Commercial Mold Damage In Clifton

12/17/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Grand Junction at (970) 241-8181 for 24/7 service.

The Risk To Employee Health In Clifton

Many clients are not even aware there is a significant mold infestation until their employees report getting sick in specific areas of a building. Exposure to concentrations of mold spores can cause health-related issues.

SERVPRO can help commercial owners deal with mold damage and infestations in Clifton and surrounding areas. We're well aware of the potential health risks and can help you and your team understand the risks as well as the precautions to take.

Controlling the Growth of Mold
Mold thrives in warm temperatures above 68 degrees F and humidity levels from 65% to 85%. There are always ample food sources for mold to grow and expand. Controlling these three elements are the primary means of mold mitigation. SERVPRO focuses on the elimination of the source of moisture and then begins drying the area, taking precautions to protect other areas of the building that are not contaminated.

Removing Contaminated Materials
Mold can be harmful to your employee's health as well as our SERVPRO team. Removal of contaminated walls or flooring often can disturb mold spores, which must be contained within the area and filtered to prevent exposure to other areas of the building. Our team may utilize a variety of safety gear for protection from contamination. Our safety gear may include chemical resistant gloves, splash goggles and safety glasses, a respirator, and full-body suits are used for significant concentrations of mold.

SERVPRO takes the challenge of mold damage mitigation very seriously. We aim to protect our client's commercial buildings from further contamination as well. Heavy concentrations may also require containment barriers, clean rooms, and decontamination rooms. Porous materials contaminated with mold must be removed. We can clean nonporous materials. HEPA vacuum equipped machines must be used to filter the air. We remove structural materials if their integrity is compromised.

We can help remove all mold contaminations and return your commercial space, “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO of Grand Junction at (970) 241-8181 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Fruita, Redlands, Loma, and surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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SERVPRO Keeps Grand Junction Enterprises Afloat after a Water Loss with Rapid Removal and Restoration

10/16/2019 (Permalink)

When Your Business in Grand Junction is a Flash Is Flooded, Call SERVPRO for Black Water Removal and Drying

What to Expect from Professional Flood Damage Recovery at Your Grand Junction Business

Even though you know you need to call in the experts, it can be hard to give up control after your Grand Junction business suffers from flooding. After heavy rains, the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers can run high. Overland flash flooding is also a risk when torrents of precipitation fall. If your property is in the path of floodwaters, you need a cleanup team that has the training and the equipment to manage a massive influx of water in a commercial setting. We can help.

Swift and Sure Assessment
A project manager arrives as soon as possible after your call reporting flood damage in Grand Junction. We draw upon our training and experience in significant water losses to assess your particular circumstances and plan for swift and thorough flood water removal and structural drying. Our management team thoroughly understands how important it is to manage the mitigation and remediation of the flood damage with the least disruption to your day to day operations. We develop a detailed plan with containment in mind, doing everything in our power to permit at least baseline customer service activities to continue. Maintaining a presence during the disasters assures your clientele that you can soon be back at full capacity.

Fully-Stocked Service Vehicles
We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, arriving on the scene quickly and ready to work. SERVPRO’s signature green vehicles hold all the water extraction and structural drying equipment needed to get a job rolling. The response from our team can be scaled to the size of your crisis, with additional crews and equipment added if needed. Our technicians use strategies mastered in the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to begin floodwater mitigation as soon as the crew chief gives the word.

Flood Water Containment and Disposal
Because floodwaters contain significant quantities of contaminants, including pathogens like viruses and bacteria that can spread illness, the fluid must be treated as hazardous waste. Our team is certified and familiar with liquid waste contaminants and pledges to follow local regulations concerning its disposal. SERVPRO also uses EPA-registered disinfectants to treat the surfaces affected, ensuring your employees, customers, and the public are shielded from waste-borne pathogens.

SERVPRO of Grand Junction is ready for any size flood damage scenario and mindful that you, as a business owner, need minimal disruption during mitigation and remediation. Contact us at (970) 241-8181 to put a personalized plan in place.

The Worst Part of Commercial Flood Damage in Grand Junction Biz Is Not the Water

8/30/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO knows it's crucial to keep your business up and running in Grand Junction.

We can stop the water loss issues as soon as they start in Grand Junction.

We know when flood damage hits a commercial property, the situation is stressful on many levels. The loss of revenue for the time the business is closed for cleanup and restoration as well as any damaged stock counted as a water loss begins to add up for property owners.

SERVPRO helped a local real estate office in Grand Junction with commercial flood damage in over half their facility with a strong water odor which was unusual when we arrive on-site so soon after a water loss occurs. Our technicians inspected the damaged area and found the core of the issue was due to repair work done on the parking lot in front of the building directing rainwater towards the building rather than away from it.

While the property owner made arrangements for an immediate solution with the contractor working on the parking lot. To avoid further damage SERVPRO:

  • Set up absorbent barriers 
  • Sealed off the entry with a heavy tarp to stop any additional water from entering the premises

Our technicians removed the rubber backed slip-resistant carpeting and runners for drying and disinfection outside the work area. Water extraction went quickly as the property owner began cleanup efforts so soon after the initial water loss event. Upon scoping the property, we found very little water migration into sheetrock or within wall cavities, which did not explain the smell. 

When we work on a commercial property, we try to schedule as little downtime as possible for the business during restoration. In this case, rather than packing out the affected offices, we raised the desks on blocks and dried them in place. Once dry, there was still a noticeable, musty odor left behind. 

The property owner commented before the floods the conference room had a pungent odor, and both employees and clients commented on it. They had been unable to locate the source, and we used our thermal imaging to scope the walls and floor in the area unrelated to the initial water loss event. 

We were able to pinpoint the smell to a damaged exterior wall allowing water in over an extended period and showed the property owner the repairs that the area would require and gave him a written report covering restoration services completed and repairs needed to return the property to its preloss condition. 

SERVPRO of Grand Junction is available when you need us 24/7 to clean up commercial flood damage. Call us at (970) 241-8181, and our emergency response team arrives within an hour because We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Hotels, Commercial Buildings, and Homes All Benefit from the Grand Junction Area SERVPRO Fire Loss Rapid Response

7/9/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Says Safety First after a Grand Junction Hotel or Commercial Building Fire

Suppressant Cleanup after Fire Damage in a Grand Junction Hotel

Cleaning up after a fire loss incident in your Grand Junction hotel might not seem that problematic with full maintenance and custodial division crews, and with how quickly the fire itself was extinguished with suppression equipment nearby. The trouble you face now is cleaning up after the fire extinguisher, and the residue that this unit can leave on surfaces, contents, and other elements within the affected area. Even after you have achieved this, there are likely lingering fire effects that must still get addressed before your hotel can officially return to preloss condition.

As the management of a hotel in Grand Junction with fire damages, there are several necessary preventative and proactive actions that you can take to protect your property. Even shortly after the extinguishment of a fire, here are some essential time and money-saving steps that you should take:

•    Get Eyes on the Damage – Once extinguishment occurs, make sure that both hotel management and your cleaning crew have inspected the affected areas and determined the likelihood of restoration and recovery without professional assistance like our SERVPRO team.

•    Slowing the Spread – With hotels, multiple units and areas are always at risk when disaster strikes anywhere. If you cannot adequately prevent effects like odors, smoke, and soot from reaching your guests, you need to reach out to a professional service that can.

•    Limit Traffic – Even highly used areas that suffer fire damages can get bypassed under the right conditions, and you do not need guests seeing the compromised areas of your facility or spreading damaging effects to other floors and areas of the hotel.

•    Know Your Limitations – Even with anexperienced custodial staff, you might remain ill-prepared to contend with suppression residue and other fire effects. Our SERVPRO professionals can respond quickly to emergencies.

Consider possible negative reviews and feedback on social media platforms. By immediately hiring a reputable, professionally staffed team like SERVPRO, you immediately confirm to your guests that they come first.

Fire loss incidents pose a substantial risk to guests, employees, and the hotel’s reputation without the appropriate preventative actions taken quickly. If you feel the situation is out of your control, you can lean on the experience of our SERVPRO of Grand Junction restoration specialists. You can reach us anytime by calling (970) 241-8181.

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We Provide Immediate Response To Your Grand Junction Restoration Needs

5/13/2019 (Permalink)

Flood damage to your business can comes in all sizes. We are equipped to handle any situation.

Law Firm Hit By Flooding In Grand Junction? SERVPRO Can Help!

Seasonal storms often bring major rainfall and flooding. Damage in your Grand Junction law firm as a result of groundwater intrusion can severely disrupt the workplace or even force you to temporarily shut down, which is why it is important to contact professionals who can quickly get your business back on its feet.

SERVPRO technicians can assist you in the clean up process. We are experienced in dealing with commercial flood damage in Grand Junction businesses, and have the equipment to efficiently clean up water and debris. We know how important it is for law firms to be open for clients to walk in, which is why our professionals can act as fast as possible to minimize your firm's closure time. Our techs can immediately get to work with industrial grade wet-vacs and underwater pumps to rapidly remove muddy water from your firm. We can use moisture meters to detect additional pockets of water hidden in your walls.

We can remove wallpaper and drill ventilation holes to draw moisture out of walls with air movers. Dehumidifiers can be deployed to remove excess moisture from the air inside your business, helping prevent the growth of mold. Insulation inside walls can be affected by flooding and may lose its fire resistance (R-value). Our techs can assist you in opening your walls to remove and replace affected insulation when most convenient for your firm.

Groundwater flood waters typically consist of Category 3 Black Water which can contaminate porous materials. We act fast to remove contaminated carpeting and padding from your floors to minimize closure time. Unfortunately, contaminated materials must be disposed and replaced due to the health risks associated with Black Water. We can treat non-porous materials with disinfectants designed to kill black water contaminants and bacteria.

If your law firm is struck by flood waters and is in need of commercial flood damage clean up, then call SERVPRO of Grand Junction at (970) 241-8181. We are available 24/7 and are ready to assist you with the clean up process.

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Is a Water Loss Incident on the Menu of Your Fruita Diner?

3/18/2019 (Permalink)

Each vehicle in our Green Fleet is loaded with equipment to remove the water from your property.

The Tools for Effective Extraction in Your Damaged Fruita Diner

While your Fruita diner might have a constant flow of traffic and hungry patrons at all hours of the day and night, this also presents an issue with the maintenance and upkeep that elements within your business need. Taking care of aging or damaged plumbing, for example, gets pushed off to the point where disasters can strike in the form of water loss incidents. While this situation can get out of hand quickly, our professionals can respond quickly to the emergency with the equipment and expertise to help.

When this manner of disaster strikes, and you have gotten the water supply shut down to your diner, you can make the necessary call to secure water removal services in Fruita. Our SERVPRO professionals have a wide range of available equipment to handle any size water loss incident in your restaurant, ensuring that the water removal process can happen quickly to prevent the spread of this water to new areas of your building yet to become affected by the damage.

Our professionals can arrive quickly to assess the scope of the water damage throughout your business and begin setting up our advanced extraction equipment. For large loss incidents that burst pipes can often become, we typically require our portable sump pumps or gas-powered pumps to remove higher volumes of standing water quickly. Faster extraction of standing water increases the salvageability of flooring and walls.

Unfortunately, throughout this mitigation and restoration process, it is unlikely that you can continue to serve your customers. Our SERVPRO team works quickly to get the mess cleaned up, and the area dried, to ensure that you can get your doors back open.

While you might not ever prepare for the possibility of shutting down your full-service diner, a water loss incident requires immediate action from trained professionals like ours. Let our SERVPRO of Grand Junction rapid response team make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime you need us at (970) 241-8181.

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When Your Mesa Business Requires Professional Water Removal Services, You Can Count On SERVPRO!

2/5/2019 (Permalink)

Your business operations plan should cover what to do in case of water damage to your property.

Commercial Water Removal Services For Your Business In Mesa

It's virtually impossible to plan for all contingencies, but part of your business operations plan should cover what to do in case of fire or water damage to your property — knowing ahead of time whom to call, and the services you might need will help you save valuable time in returning to business as usual. For water removal services, you want to make sure to research and identify a company that can provide services for locations such as yours, with a deep understanding of what it entails to remove water from a business setting.

Our SERVPRO technicians train extensively on commercial water removal techniques in Mesa and are readily available to assist with your business. We realize that every hour your business is shut or not working at full capacity is an hour in which you are losing revenue, which is why our team focuses not only on being thorough but also on being expedient. Our Green Fleet employs a wide array of equipment to extract water from your business, including submersible pumps for larger jobs and wet/dry vacuums for smaller water amounts.

Once water the water extraction is complete, our SERVPRO team begins the drying process by using material-specific techniques are recommended by industry experts. In some cases, we may even drill small holes close to the base of each wall and place air movers close to the openings to improve air circulation and accelerate the drying process. All this contributes to your being able to resume regular business operations as soon as possible and reduce the risk of water damage further expanding throughout your workplace. When carpeting and other porous materials are not salvageable, we work on their removal and in coordinating so that the area is ready for other building contractors to come in and finalize any necessary repairs.

At SERVPRO of Grand Junction, we are ready to assist our commercial clients with the best industry practices in mind. Our crew recognizes that time is of the essence and are able to respond to your call rapidly, all you need to do is reach out at (970) 241-8181 and let us take care of the rest.

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When Water Damage Removes the Sparkle from Your Clifton Jewelry Store

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Standing water will not only damage your structure, but the inventory contents as well. Call SERVPRO when you need professional remediation services.

Our Commercial Water Removal Can Save Your Costume Jewelry Shop

A pipe burst has left inches of water inside your costume jewelry shop. Closing your business for a time can be devastating to you and your employees as well as frustrating to your loyal customers, which is why calling us makes sense. Our skilled teams work fast in these types of situations. Standing water can ruin ceilings, floors and interior walls and can cause structural damage if you allow it to sit for a long. Plus, excess water can damage your merchandise and contents inside the shop. Our trained technicians can get your business up and running quickly.  

SERVPRO can provide you with reliable and fast commercial water removal restoration services in Clifton. First, we assess damages. If necessary, our crews can make minor repairs. For any significant repair jobs, you must contact a general contractor. After our team completes inspecting the property, they can remove damaged contents such as tables, chairs, display cases and structural materials like the ceiling and floor tiles and wet drywall.  

Next, we can begin removing water from the premises. The crew may use portable or truck-mounted extractors, wet vacuums and pumps to extract water rapidly. After they remove water from the affected areas, the team can start drying the structure. Typically, the crew employs axial fans, air movers and heaters during the drying process to force out dampness and to pull in dry and warm air. If necessary, the team may utilize dehumidifiers to reduce moisture and speed up drying.  

The team may need to pack-out various items inside your store such as earrings, watches, necklaces and rings and accessories such as scarves, hats, and sunglasses. The team can also remove display cases and furniture items such as display tables and customer seating. We remove contents to prevent loss of merchandise and to reduce further damages. Our techs wrap, label, categorizes and itemizes all contents before they remove them from the shop. We also use bar-coding and tagging to keep an accurate account of your items, which can help with insurance claims.  

SERVPRO of Grand Junction provides reliable commercial water removal restoration services that you can trust. We are a phone call away and can help restore your property. Contact us 24/7 at (970) 241-8181.

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How To Get Ahead Of Commercial Flood Damage In Palisade With Help From The Experts At SERVPRO

10/22/2018 (Permalink)

Flood damages to your property can appear in many ways, and most of these require immediate attention to avoid further complications.

Storm Damages Can Lead To Flooding In Your Palisade Call Center

Call centers provide a necessary service for companies, and your Palisade facility can help customers understand services that are available, answer questions they may have, or troubleshoot problems. These facilities often remain available 24/7, so when a disaster like a flood impacts the building, getting it back up and running can be a time-sensitive matter for both the employees and the overseeing company.

Flood damages to your Palisade call center can appear in many ways, and most of these require immediate attention to avoid further complications. Trusting in the experience and equipment of professional restorers like our SERVPRO team is a wise step to take, as our rapid response team is available at any time to help begin mitigation efforts to preserve the contents of your building and limit the spread of the damage to areas currently unaffected.

From the moment that our crew of professionals arrives at your facility, we can get to work on extraction efforts. With so much space, the water damage can often spread quickly throughout the area and require multiple pumps and wet-vacs to get the excess out of the affected area. Carpeted areas, like what you might have throughout your main floor of the building, can benefit from the use of our weighted remote-controlled Rover extractor, which can pull the saturation out of the fibers and padding of the carpet to the surface for removal.

Your equipment is essential to the work that you do in the facility every day, and the moisture and dampness following flooding can put these electronics and devices at risk for irreparable damage. Our SERVPRO technicians have mitigation protocol to remove these items from the affected area to a safe location until the restoration has completed and they can safely get returned to their original positions.

While your call center might provide a crucial service to people all across the country, when disaster strikes, you need immediate services from trained professionals like ours to help you limit the time your facility is not operational. Trust our SERVPRO of Grand Junction restoration specialists to help you clean up the mess and get back to the work that you do. Give us a call anytime disaster strikes at (970) 241-8181.

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Professional Water Damage Restoration for Your Fruita Grocery Store

9/2/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Works Hard to Keep Your Fruita Retail Store Open Following a Water Loss

Many Fruita Stores Rely on SERVPRO to Mitigate Water Damage and Limit Disruptions to Their Customers

A grocery location is something that the people of Fruita need every day. From last-minute purchases to meal prepping for weeks in advance, the local grocery store is an everyday staple to the community. When you get threatened by a water incident, it can be challenging to provide the kind of service that your loyal customers expect. Choosing professional restoration to help you to clean up the mess and dry up the damage can help you to get back to serving the community much more quickly.

There are many sources for water damage in your Fruita business, but often power failures and malfunctions of the freezing and cooling units have a lot to do with the need for fast water removal and cleanup efforts. When this occurs, you need to act quickly to secure the rapid response of our SERVPRO technicians. We can report quickly to get the situation under control, as well as assess the full scope of the water damage that the structural elements of the store have sustained.

From the moment that our technicians arrive at your store, we begin a full and thorough assessment of the damage starting at the source of the problem. Extraction and drying efforts are the major contributors to the restoration process in this situation, but our team has to ensure that elements like flooring materials, subflooring, and even the electrical systems that operate the cooling units have not also gotten damaged by the expanding water.

Another one of your concerns that should inspire you to choose the efficient approach of our SERVPRO restoration professionals is the products that you sell. Our team can help you to mitigate your overall loss by removing at-risk items that could get damaged by the water present in the area, or even items that need to get relocated to a refrigerated unit to keep your profit loss from the incident to a minimum.

A main point that you should remember when it comes to combating water damage in your business is that experience and the right equipment can get the job done more efficiently than you can do it on your own. Our SERVPRO of Grand Junction rapid response team is standing by 24/7 at (970) 241-8181.

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SERVPRO of Grand Junction can dry out any Contruction site

1/20/2017 (Permalink)

Construction site in Grand Junction Colorado

On January 8th 2017 Grand Junction was hit with a severe storm.  SERVPRO of Grand Junction was quick to responded to a big commercial construction site in our valley. This construction site was a huge unfinished building in progress.  The first 3 floors were insulated and sheet rocked.  The last floor was just structure.  SERVPRO arrived at the site and placed all necessary equipment to dry out the structure and prevent any mold.  It took us two days to completely save this site so the company could continue their construction without out any delay.  SERVPRO of Grand Junction saved the construction company thousands of dollars and they were very happy with the results.  If you have construction in process and you suffer flooding before it is complete, no need to start over call SERVPRO of Grand Junction.  We are quick to respond and strive to make it “Like it never even happened”.



Flood at Parachute High School

8/10/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Grand Junction restored Parachute Colorado new gym.


If your Commercial property experiences a flood due to broken pipes, storm related floods or any other type water damage.  Call SERVPRO of Grand Junction. We can restore and get you back in business as quick as possible.   SERVPRO of Grand Junction is highly trained and certified to return your commercial property to like-new conditions.  To eliminate residual humidity, we place humidifiers and air movers to capture the moisture from the ambient air.  Water damage must be managed and maintained with special equipment that extracts water and can complete the drying process quickly.

With our SERVPRO process we are able to keep water damage at a minimum, regain control, rebuild damage structures and return your Commercial building back to like new conditions.