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Fire Damage Restorers In Grand Junction Often Have To Work Towards Cleaning Oily Residues

2/26/2020 (Permalink)

Leave the dirty work to the experts. Call SERVPRO at (970) 241-8181.

Clean up can be Tricky after Fire Damage, Our SERVPRO Crews know Exactly what to do

You might not even realize it, but the majority of blazes that occur inside houses in Grand Junction get started by mishaps that take place while you are cooking food to feed you and your family. Out of the billions of dollars each year that goes towards restoring fire damage in residential properties in the United States, the majority of the causes are due to mistakes made by the typical home chef.

Most fire damage cases in Grand Junction are the result of residents leaving food cooking in their kitchen unattended. It does not take long for meat or vegetables to burn and ignite if you are not continually watching what you are heating. The problem with blazes that ignite inside your kitchen is that protein-based fuels can create a different set of issues than when other types of flammable substances get torched. Kitchens also create an added risk of an inferno lighting up because several hazards exist inside the room, such as the combination of heat, electricity, water, and grease.

When proteins you are cooking and the grease you are using to heat them burn, the smoke released can create different types of soot residues that can coat the surfaces of your contents and building materials. Professional restoration companies such as SERVPRO have crews that know that grease and food can create unique types of soot residues that adhere to all of the surfaces of your possessions and structural components very well.

When cleaning light oily residues, our SERVPRO technicians can clean them with water-based cleaners because the detergents can emulsify the soot and soils. Other oily residues can prove to adhere to surfaces too well to use water-based chemical cleansers, and oil-based products can become essential. The general rule is that like dissolves like, which means that the main ingredient of the chemical the restorer is using to clean must match the primary chemical component of the soot the detergent is being used to eliminate.

After you notice issues caused by a fire that started due to a cooking accident, it is wise to call in the professionals. Calling SERVPRO of Grand Junction at (970) 241-8181 is a good first step towards restoring your house to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

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Fire Damage Restoration In Grand Junction

1/12/2020 (Permalink)

We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Fire Damage Restoration In Grand Junction Requires Controlling The Application Of Cleaning Products

Everyone knows that if an inferno ever breaks out on your Grand Junction property, the results can be quite devastating. Not only can fire damage take place very quickly once a spark inside your house ignites, but the problems created by a blaze can also take various forms. Anything the flames use as fuels can get entirely or partially consumed by the blaze. Sometimes, partially charred items can get refinished instead of being removed.

Smoke coming from burnt items can also cause you a different set of issues. During many fire damage projects in Grand Junction, our SERVPRO technicians spend much of their time removing soils and soot residues created by partially combusted particles or smoke. Once smoke contacts the cooler surfaces inside your structure, the particles harden and adhere to surfaces. Once these soils and soot residues are present on the surfaces of your contents and building materials, we can remove and clean them by utilizing a variety of techniques and chemical products.

However, sometimes certain cleaning techniques or chemicals could ruin the surfaces of items inside your house. For example, mechanical actions like agitation could strip paint from your walls. Or the chemical compositions of products used during the cleaning process could cause shiny surfaces to deteriorate. Therefore, our SERVPRO team always takes measures to control the application of cleaning products.

For instance, sometimes, materials are too fragile for methods that involve agitation. During these scenarios, our SERVPRO crew can use products that utilize absorption. Products like absorption powders remove soils and soot residues by absorbing them and pulling them off of the surface. Absorption products are often used with other cleaning agents that help break the soils away from the affected surfaces.

Surface cleaning techniques can also help keep the materials from getting ruined due to saturation. Products can get sprayed and then wiped to clean soot residues and prevent the chemical from deteriorating the item's surface. Foam cleaning can also be effective because less moisture is involved.

When restoring smoke-related issues, knowing how to control the application of the products so that the cleaning process does not ruin the item is essential. For help with cleaning soot residues, call SERVPRO of Grand Junction at (970) 241-8181 because We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Get 24/7 Fire Damage Cleanup in Grand Junction

11/18/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is just a call away for your Grand Junction fire damage, give us a call.

Know the risks of fire damage in your Grand Junction home.

With fall giving way to full-on winter in the coming weeks, Colorado residents have to be aware of the risks that come with electrical heating systems like space heaters. These small appliances can be a great source of respite from the cold, but space heaters cause as many as 25,000 home fires per year, according to the CPSC.

If your heater causes fire damage to your Grand Junction residence, SERVPRO can be at your home within hours of your call to restore your property. Fire and the resultant residues from burnt plastics, metals, and other items create odors and hazards that require fast action to eliminate. Soot residue on nearby appliances, for example, can corrode plastic shells and metal components, so this crew ensures that your home is free of such risks. 

Safety Precautions for Electric Space Heaters

Here are just a few tips to help you prevent and minimize damage in the event of a space heater fire:

  • Keep space heaters at least 3 feet away from flammable surfaces, including papers, fabrics, and rugs. 
  • Always plug space heaters directly into the outlet. Do not put other electronics into the same outlets, and avoid using extension cords to minimize fire risks.
  • Keep space heaters on flat, level surfaces, and avoid placing on tables, counters, or carpet. The latter can overheat and cause a fire. 
  • Minimize tripping hazards by keeping space heaters out of doorways and other high-traffic areas. 
  • Unplug and store the space heater when not in use. 

How SERVPRO Restores Your Home

Fabrics, upholstery, and carpets are some of the most vulnerable surfaces in your home when it comes to fire damage, soot accumulation, and odors. SERVPRO has a bevy of tools available to remove soot and odor-causing particles from porous surfaces after a fire. These can include vacuums for drapes, spray-injecting deodorizer in especially fire-damaged sections of flooring, or blasting charred surfaces with gentle abrasives like baking soda. Thermal fogging is used to remove odor in the same way that smoke penetrates surfaces; HEPA-filter vacuums can be used to clean the air on your property further. 

SERVPRO of Grand Junction can restore your home, so it looks, "Like it never even happened." If you need a reliable disaster cleanup team at any time of the day or night, you can call (970) 241-8181.

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Our Certified Experts Use The Basic Principles Of Cleaning To Restore Your Grand Junction Home

9/10/2019 (Permalink)

Removal of burnt materials, smoke imbued content, and water removal is needed after a fire has devastated a room.

Fire Damage Professionals In Grand Junction Describe The Elements Of Cleaning

If a fire ever starts inside your apartment complex in Grand Junction, your building materials and contents could be at risk. Even something burning inside a unit close to yours can cause you fire damage inside your home. Once the smoke has entered your apartment unit, it is wise to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO. Our team of professionals knows how to handle many different types of smoke and soot-related issues.

When first setting up a game plan to mitigate your fire damage in Grand Junction, our SERVPRO technicians use the basic principles of cleaning to figure out the best method to use. During this first process, we carefully inspect your entire building to figure out exactly where the smoke went in your unit. We then figure out what type of soot is present by assessing what the fire burned and other conditions that took place as a result of the blaze.

Next, we identify the type of surfaces that need to be cleaned. The kind of surface will negate what type of methods we decide to use. Then, we use the proper chemicals and cleaning methods to remove and capture the soot residues. Lastly, we properly dispose of the soot residues making sure that they do not spread to unaffected areas.

As a part of the cleaning process, we utilize the following four elements of cleaning when working with soot and soils created by smoke from fire damage.

1. Temperature

Heat increases the speed of chemical reactions in cleaning products. Our SERVPRO technicians select an appropriate temperature depending on the cleaning solution and the material being cleaned.

2. Agitation

Agitation dislodges residues from surfaces and distributes cleaning products across surfaces. We agitate surfaces by using towels, brushes, air and water pressure, and sonic vibrations in ultrasonic machines.

3. Chemical Action

Professional cleaning products work through several chemical reactions with residues and surfaces. We select the proper cleaning product depending on the action desired, such as dissolving, emulsifying, bleaching, oxidizing, changing pH, or digesting.

4. Time

The amount of dwell time needed for professional cleaning and deodorization products to work varies depending on the product and the type of residues.

If your apartment complex in Clifton, Loma, Whitewater, or Fruita ever suffers from a fire, call SERVPRO of Grand Junction at (970) 241-8181. We are available 24/7, and We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Quick and Easy Fix to Fire Damage in Fruita 

8/4/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage remediation in Fruita can be a lot to deal with. Don't tackle it alone call the professionals at SERVPRO today.

Fire Damage Fruita – Entire Home May Need to be Cleaned

From a home owner’s perspective, all fires appear to be the same. There is much damage from the fire and also from the materials used to put the fire out. Smother grease fires. Combustion fires can be controlled with fire extinguishers if the fire is not too large. Sometimes the damage from controlling the fire is worse than the damage caused by the actual fire. Different fires produce various kinds of smoke residue which require specific cleaning techniques. 

SERVPRO technicians have experience in dealing with all types of fire damage in Fruita and surrounding areas. The different types of fires and residue are as follows: 

  • Fast-burning hot fires often produce dry smoke residue. The residue from these types of fires are easier to clean; however, there can be more fire damage since this is a fast-moving fire.
  • Smoldering fires usually produce a wet smoke residue.  Often the residue is contained to the fire area since it burns slowly. It can be difficult to clean materials if the hot oily residue comes in contact with them. Restoral of many items can be difficult, especially plastics, which can become discolored.
  • Kitchen fires that burn meat produce protein smoke residue. Although only slight discoloration may occur, the odor can be quite strong. Usually, everything in the house must be cleaned to remove the odor
  • A malfunctioning fuel oil furnace, cracks in the heat exchanger or inadequate ventilation can spread fuel oil smoke residue throughout the house. The forced air furnace system often spreads the residue throughout the house. The gray or black greasy residue can usually be removed; however, technicians are conscientious about avoiding scratching surfaces if the residue is crusty.

The SERVPRO team assesses every fire damage situation before beginning the cleaning and restoration of your home. We take the type of fire into account and the amount of damage caused by the fire control activities of the fire department. We discuss the options for cleaning your home. Specifically, those items that can be recovered/restored vs. those that cannot. We are here to help and return your home to its original condition as quickly as possible. 

Call SERVPRO of Grand Junction at (970) 241-8181 for 24/7 service. We serve Clifton, Palisade, and surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster in your area. 

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When Your Grand Junction Home Suffers Fire Damage You Need Help From Our Experts

6/25/2019 (Permalink)

We have emergency cleaning and restoration teams standing by 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to answer your call for help.

Get Professional Help Restoring Fire Damage Throughout The Grand Junction Area

Testing after fire damage occurs in your Grand Junction home helps restoration professionals locate smoke residues, determine if residue remains cleanable, and differentiate between pre-existing or new damages. All technicians with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) use testing as their first action in any professional restoration.

Finding smoke residue caused by fire damage on the inside of your Grand Junction property can be a simple matter of observation. In many cases, we notice a clear difference between affected and unaffected areas. When a clear difference remains visible, your fire & smoke restoration technician (FSRT) moves on to determine how smoke affects specific items.

However, under some circumstances, smoke residue on walls and ceilings may not be evident from afar. Therefore, SERVPRO technicians use a dry, cleaning sponge on a small area to test for the presence of smoke residue. If smoke residue shows on the sponge, or there is a contrast between clean and unclean areas, smoke damage exists. The amount of contrast reveals the degree of damage and usually tells the technician which approach to take to restore the area.

SERVPRO technicians develop a method for testing early in their career, usually starting with surfaces closest to the source of the fire. A cleaning restoration technician (CRT) often tests areas with a heavy concentration of residues first, testing every different type of surface found in the affected area. Each surface type has a specific cleaning method assigned that provides the best possible results.

SERVPRO checks every area of the home, including those closed off during the fire. Smoke can easily penetrate closed areas, so we check behind closed doors, inside closets, drawers, and cabinets. We also test inaccessible areas whenever deemed necessary, as smoke and moisture can easily penetrate wall cavities, or under cabinets.

Get professional assistance restoring fire damage from SERVPRO of Grand Junction, today. We have emergency cleaning and restoration teams standing by 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to answer your call for help. Our team provides emergency services in Fruita, Clifton, Palisade, and surrounding areas. Qualified professionals offering, full-service solutions to homeowners throughout our local community.

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Our Trained Professionals Are The Leader In Grand Junction Fire Damage Restoration

4/18/2019 (Permalink)

Fires like this start from something as small as a stovetop being unattended. We have the experience, equipment and expertise 24/7 to handle it.

Fire Damage Safety and Restoration in Your Grand Junction Home

A fire can be a costly disaster for any homeowner in Grand Junction. Luckily, fire-related injuries, deaths, and losses of property have gone down in recent years at least partially due to improved fire-fighting technology. It is essential your home is equipped with fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and a good plan of escape in case of a fire. However, knowing some common fire hazards that are lurking in your home is also necessary to keep you and your family safe.

A fire of any size can leave behind plenty of fire damage in your Grand Junction home. You need a professional to help you do the task correctly. At SERVPRO, our staff is trained and experienced to handle fire cleanup of all kinds. We also understand that time is of the essence after a fire so do not hesitate to call us for help.

The first hazard to be aware of is your stovetop or oven. You should never leave your cooking unattended. Cooking is the leading contributor to home fires, and you can drastically reduce your risk if you keep a close eye on your meal. Ensure you turn off your stovetop or oven when you are done as well. There are new stovetop monitors and sensors you can purchase which alert you when you’ve left your stove lit.

After a fire in your kitchen, there are structural components, such as cabinets, that SERVPRO staff needs to clean to restore your home, so it looks like it never happened. Our cleaning method for cabinets varies depending on if the surface is unfished or finished. If we need to, knobs and other hardware are removed so we can clean in recessed areas and crevices. The interiors of cabinets are usually unfinished wood. We remove residues with a dry cleaning sponge first. If any residues remain, we use denatured alcohol to avoid the smoke residues setting into the pores of the wood. Sanding may be required if residues are still there.

Other hazards in your home include dead smoke alarm batteries. Working smoke alarms are essential on every floor of your home and in every bedroom to cut the risk of danger during a fire. Space heaters pose another danger. Leaving these units unattended or too close to flammable materials like blankets or paper can create a fire in your home.

SERVPRO of Grand Junction can assist you in restoring your home in Mesa, Loma, or Grand Junction after fire damage of any size. Get in touch with us by dialing (970) 241-8181 as soon as the fire is out so we can help you return your life to normal.

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Grand Junction, SERVPRO, and Defeating Fire and Smoke-Related Odors

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

Here is the answer to smoke and fire cleanup and odor control in the Grand Junction area--SERVPRO

Removing Smoke Odors from Contents in Your Grand Junction Home

As much as disasters like fires can affect the structural integrity of your home, many damages are nearly as bold which target the contents within your house. Even without a widespread blaze, effects like smoke and soot damage can impact the items throughout the property, often leaving them with a foul odor and residue to contend with when professional restoration technicians arrive. Recovering these items with the use of our experienced team is an efficient approach to returning your home to preloss condition after a fire.

Fire odor damage in your Grand Junction home can affect many materials, surfaces, and open areas. From the time that our SERVPRO professionals arrive, we inspect the property for other more glaring issues from the fire before we can set our sights on deodorization. Once risks have gotten managed, our contents department can begin assessing individual items, belongings, fabrics, furniture, and other objects prone to swelling during a fire and trapping smoke odors inside when they cool again.

Depending on the severity of the fire itself, many of the affected materials might get removed from the premises as part of the fire debris removal step once our technicians arrive at your damaged home. When soot and smoke are the primary damaging factors, we work to address which contents can benefit from getting taken from the home and given specialized attention and treatment at our facility nearby. We offer a premier pack-out service.

Under the care of the contents department, many of the soft materials in your home, as well as your belongings, can receive focused deodorization and cleaning efforts. From our ozone chamber that cannot get used inside of your home to our thermal foggers and hydroxyl generators that can handle odors that remain inside your house, we have you covered.

Fighting fire odors is often more difficult than many homeowners might think. Let our SERVPRO of Grand Junction rapid response team help you remove this noxious presence from your home permanently. Give us a call anytime at (970) 241-8181.

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Important Safety Tips To Avoid A Fire In Your Grand Junction Kitchen

1/14/2019 (Permalink)

Fire safety in the kitchen is essential to avoid a fire!

Fire Safety In Your Kitchen And Avoiding The Need For Fire Cleanup In Your Grand Junction Home

Everyone has a busy life, with pets and kids running all over your Grand Junction home and meals to make and prepare. It is all too easy sometimes to wander off while the stove is on and there is an open flame. However, this is a recipe for fire.

Fire safety in the kitchen is essential to avoid a fire and the need for fire damage cleanup in your Grand Junction home. When a fire does occur, or professionally trained staff at SERVPRO are ready to help you any time you need.

The first thing to staying safe in your kitchen is to stay nearby. Whether you are using the oven or the stove, anything close to a heating element can be a potential fire hazard. If you have to step out of the kitchen for any reason, it is better to turn the fire off. Even when the burner is off, there is still heat emanating, so remove any pans or pots so you can prevent the most common kind of kitchen fire. SERVPRO techs can clean up the damage from a fire in your kitchen, including smoke, soot, and odors.

Anyone who isn’t directly involved in assisting you in cooking needs to stay out of the kitchen. If you let too many people in, it can cause a massive distraction for you, or a child could easily hurt themselves if you cannot look after them. Even a curious pet walking by the stove could try to sneak a bite of the meal you are cooking.

Setting a timer is also a good rule of thumb. No matter if you use the oven timer or on an electronic device like your phone or a smartwatch, it is an excellent way to remember to come and check on the cooking at specified intervals so you can do something else for a few minutes before the timer goes off. It also avoids you burning or overcooking whatever you are making.

You need a fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen, as well as one in the garage and laundry room. If you have more than one kitchen space, you should equip each one of them with an extinguisher in case of an unexpected fire.

SERVPRO of Grand Junction is always ready to assist you if a fire does break out in your home in Fruita, Loma, or Whitewater. Give our skilled technicians a call as soon as the fire is out at (970) 241-8181 so we can help return your home and get it back to the way it was before the fire.

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Loma Homeowners Rely on SERVPRO for Cleanup After a Fire-Loss

11/14/2018 (Permalink)

Ultrasonic Soot Cleaning of Belongings in Loma--SERVPRO Is the Solution to Fire Loss Cleanup

Mitigation for Your Fire-Damaged Loma Home

The primary concern of a Loma homeowner in the wake of a disaster is their families, their homes, and the contents inside of that home. Reacting quickly in the face of an emergency can help the appropriate personnel get on-site quickly to determine what actions are necessary to prevent further loss and to make the restoration process to come more efficient and effective.

Recovering from fire damage in your Loma home begins with effective mitigation of the immediate threats and hazards so that the damage to your residence does not continue to get worse. Our SERVPRO professionals can arrive quickly to put the necessary tools to work to reduce the spread of damage and to start cleaning up in areas where elements like excessive soot could continue to cause problems for the structure and contents of your house. Soot is very acidic and can quickly damage metals and even etch glassware and artwork.

When our team first arrives at your home, it is important first to do a safety assessment. We have to determine these risks to avoid putting our technicians or the homeowner in danger while they inspect the damage the house has sustained from the fire. For this reason, it is critical for our estimator and certified restoration technicians to assess the property first with our personal protective equipment. The information gathered about the full scope of the damages can become part of the overall estimate provided to your insurance adjuster to expedite a claim.

Excessive soot damages can cause permanent staining and effects to furniture, carpeting, walls, clothing, and more. While our mitigation can help to begin to remove some of this widespread effect, our initial response is to remove items that require focused attention and cleanup to a safe location for cleaning, deodorization, and other specialized attention these items could require.

While fire damages are nothing that a homeowner wants to contend with, knowing that competent and certified mitigation efforts are only a phone call away can be comforting. You can always depend on our SERVPRO of Grand Junction emergency response team to arrive fast to preserve what is possible and prepare your home for restoration work to come. Give us a call today at (970) 241-8181.

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Choosing Professional Restoration For Fire Damage In Your Loma Residence

9/18/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damages are often among the most challenging for Loma homeowners to overcome on their own with conventional cleaning efforts.

Choosing Professional Restoration For Fire Damage

While there are many maintenance and cleanup efforts for your Loma residence that a homeowner can perform on their own, some incidents require specialized training and approaches that routine cleaning and restoration methods lack. Professional restoration services can assist you to overcome the widespread effects of a disaster in your home in an efficient and effective way.

Fire damages are often among the most challenging for Loma homeowners to overcome on their own with conventional cleaning efforts. Our SERVPRO professionals work to be available from the moment that the first responders ensure the fire has gotten extinguished through every step to your fully restored home gets returned to you. The complete process can help you to get the job done more quickly, but also save you money.

Many owners struggle with where to begin when they have to overcome even minor fire damages in their home. From smoke and soot damages to secondary effects, your house requires attention and focus to clean and restore. Our SERVPRO technicians not only have leading equipment in our respective fields, but our technicians have extensive training in all facets of fire restoration. We know what to look for, and ultimately, how to restore it.

Another thing that you can consider when it comes to choosing professional restoration for fire damages in your home is the wishes of the insurance company that offers you coverage. In many cases, these providers require or strongly suggest the use of professional restoration to ensure that the job gets done correctly and within specific financial parameters agreed upon in the initial assessment phase.

Fire damages in your home can appear in several different ways. Overcoming each of them requires experience in this field, and our SERVPRO of Grand Junction fire restoration technicians can offer you just that. You can depend on our rapid response team to show up and begin mitigating the damage your home has sustained to make the entire restoration process more efficient and faster. Give SERVPRO a call anytime that you need us at (970) 241-8181.

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What to Expect from the Grand Junction SERVPRO Fire Damage Professionals

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Who Should I Call After Fire Damages My Home in Grand Junction? SERVPRO

After a House Fire SERVPRO Strives to Make You Feel "Like it never even happened."

When fire blazes through your Grand Junction home the shock and turmoil you feel are overpowering. The situation becomes even more chaotic when you realize the cleanup is not a task you can complete without assistance. Finding the best fit from among competing restoration companies is confusing and frustrating. Your call to us results in a fair assessment to secure the outcome for your home that you expect and your peace of mind.

Fire damage in your Grand Junction home might seem restricted to the area where the flames were most intense. Our highly-qualified crews respond to each fire scenario with an open mind, realizing that the residues from a household fire can spread throughout every space of the building. Problems that crop up days, weeks, or months after restoration is considered finished by less skilled companies are usually predictable and avoidable by our experienced crew chiefs.
SERVPRO works with your insurance company every step of the way, ensuring that our work is thorough and covers all aspects of the circumstances caused by the way fire affected your home. The first and most crucial task is a comprehensive inspection of your home, followed by the creation of a detailed work plan that covers everything we need to do to make it “Like it never even happened.”
Typically the next focus is water and chemical extinguisher removal as the firefighters employ both to put out the fire. SERVPRO eliminates water first because of safety considerations. Slip and fall and electrical shorts and shock are common and dangerous risks. Water damage is also the equal of that done by fire and can destroy building materials and lead to secondary damage like microbial growth.
The SERVPRO crew then matches the characteristics of the smoke and soot residues found at your site to the most efficient and appropriate cleaning products and tools. Damage found in different spaces and to a variety of surfaces and materials can be different as we move through each area. Some soot vacuums or brushes away. Other soot is thick and sticky, requiring wetting agents and surfactants to loosen the coating before wiping. Tough and adhesive residues, such as those found after a kitchen fire, can need abrasive action and solvents to remove.
You can rely on SERVPRO of Grand Junction with confidence when you need assistance recovering from a home fire. Call us at (970) 241-8181 day or night, immediately after the fire authorities release your home back to you.

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Christmas Cheer

12/19/2016 (Permalink)

2016 Parade of Liights

SERVPRO of Grand Junction had a wonderful time at the parade of lights this year 2016. The parade took place in down town Grand Junction. There were over 100 different floats of many venders, small businesses, and schools from the Grand Junction Colorado area. We gave all the kids and families tons of candy. What a joy to Celebrate Christmas and participate in this wonderful event. Just a reminder to be safe this Holiday season.     Some tips for your Christmas tree:

  • Place tree at least 3 feet from heat sources.
  • Never use lit candles to decorate the tree.
  • Make sure tree is not blocking an exit.
  • Blow out candles before going to bed.

*Tips and statistics provided by the National Fire Protection Association and the American Christmas tree Association.

24 hours emergency service, even on Christmas!!! Call SERVPRO of Grand Junction if you suffer any loss this holiday season. (970)241-8181

Installing Smoke Detectors 2016

12/9/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO teamed up with American Red Cross

SERVPRO of Grand Junction took the day to volunteer with America Red Cross. We broke up in groups and went door to door to test and install smoke detectors in local Grand Junction homes on November 22, 2016. What a great time and so many families opened their homes to welcome us. We gave them valuable information on how to plan if there was a fire in their home how to get out safely. We provided them with a checklist for things to help them prevent fires in their homes. It was amazing how so many fire alarms were not working at all, or were lacking batteries. With the help of Red Cross of Grand Junction and SERVPRO of Grand Junction we installed a lot of smoke detectors in the area, with 10-year life long battery’s. It is important to use that lives will be saved if there is a fire in your home.

Call SERVPRO of Grand Junction if you need your home restored after a fire. We will give it our heart to make it “Like it Never Even Happened”!!

(970)241-8181 24/7

Grand Junction fire and smoke restoration

7/25/2016 (Permalink)

Local fire in Grand Junction Colorado.

Every 90 seconds a residential or commercial fire occurs in the US.  Fire and smoke damage in any sort of structure has hidden damage and odors.  A fire loss is very complex because of the unique behavior of smoke.  This fire started in the kitchen of a local restaurant here in Grand Junction.  Our Fire specialists here at SERVPRO of Grand Junction have the experience and expertise to take care of any fire damage you may have no matter how big or small it might be.  Special losses require special care, and we understand that caring for them is your first priority.   SERVPRO of Grand Junction is always available 24 hours a day 365 days a year for you Fire loss. 

Have Questions about Fire, Smoke, or Soot Damage?

Call us today- (970) 241-8181